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Mari 00115a98cd last upload from radzathan 1 week ago
Mari 0291c73e80 Continued progress on character creation 2 years ago
Mari 8714891c2e Refactor database, further progress on managers 2 years ago
Mari 1fd98e04c6 Beginnings of character creation commands. 2 years ago
Mari 88018a0f16 Enable the bot to access database stuff! 2 years ago
Mari d09c503add Fix the .gitignore of .env (typos!) 2 years ago
Mari 04af227eea Regenerate the bot token and ignore .env. 2 years ago
Mari 013fcdc57c Migrate to Babel 2 years ago
Mari fe448ce99c Enable Gulp-chan to shut down, restart, and rebuild herself. 2 years ago
Mari f11b5b28bf bot skeltal 2 years ago
Mari e29499bbc3 Command listing 2 years ago
Mari 476d6c71ae starting to make changes, moving to WebStorm 2 years ago
Mari ee6390f7cc add sql client, make test suffix *.spec.ts instead 2 years ago
Mari 3faf045af1 reset: change of plans 2 years ago
Mari 06fffb7b2b Add the ability to have top-level expressions as well as battler attributes. 3 years ago
Mari 6094cc8891 Rename the intro example script and update the README to include information about the stats. 3 years ago
Mari 721364abd4 Set up peggy and connect it with jest/webpack, set up a basic parser and test it 3 years ago
Mari 85b36aa1b1 Eject to be able to customize build pipeline 3 years ago
Mari 69cac6fc31 Rename the script in order to safely eject 3 years ago
Mari 612f149cf9 Add interfaces for Action and related objects. Progress on #3, #4, #5. 3 years ago
Mari e592681ed2 Move Assertions out of battlers, where it does not belong, into testing, where it does belong. 3 years ago
Mari 6e9c33f04a Add the energy mechanic and its safeguards. 3 years ago
Mari 5010facd74 Add a possible draft script for the beginning of the game. 3 years ago
Mari ffa6e779c9 Add first pass at script documentation 3 years ago
Mari e354fbf8f6 Stringify HP in tests for the toString functionality 3 years ago
Mari 84c6744080 Add Assertions and HitPoints. We're making this project happen! 3 years ago
Mari 9d02647cdd Initialize project using Create React App 3 years ago