19 labels

  • area: battle system
    Affects the battle system
  • area: database
    Affects the game's backing storage layer
  • area: Discord
    Bot support code and commands etc.
  • area: hosting
    Keeping the game up and running
  • area: PvE battle data
    Adding and fleshing out NPC opponents
  • area: PvE characters
    Creating and fleshing out a character
  • area: PvE scripting
    Affects the scripting system used to develop events and NPCs
  • area: PvE story
    Adding to the script of the game
  • area: PvP battle data
    Adding and fleshing out battle skills/items
  • area: PvP scripting
    Affects the scripting engine and the scripting language, for designing moves and special battle sections
  • area: RPG support
    Affects code that glues the battle system into a full RPG
  • status: duplicate
    This issue or pull request already exists
  • status: help wanted
    Need some help
  • status: invalid
    Something is wrong
  • status: wontfix
    This won't be fixed
  • type: bug/correction
    Something is not working/there is a grammar error in the script
  • type: design/outline
    Design/outlining is needed
  • type: enhancement/drafting
    New feature/text
  • type: question
    More information is needed